Andriy Malyshchak
CV (pdf)

Anna Hiss Gym 2.204
2501 Wichita St, Austin, TX 78712

Andriy Malyshchak is an undergraduate student studying Aerospace Engineering in the Engineering Honors College as well as minors in computer science, and business at the University of Texas at Austin. Andriy’s main interests lie in autonomous robot navigation/perception, numerical optimization for path planning, manipulating artifical intelligence/ML techniques to create control methods, and effective societal integration for new robot technology.

Besides helping with research, Andriy is also a part of Antler Venture Capital’s fellowship program helping grow the next generation of U.S. startups, 1/35 Microsoft Campus Leads across the U.S., founding member of Texas Guadaloop’s business/engineering teams, and former software engineer for Tuk-Tuk, an Austin startup. Andriy hopes to pursue a Master’s in engineering as well as an MBA with the hope of working at the intersection between deep-tech and venture capital.

In his free time, Andriy enjoys working out, volunteering in the community, and listening to great music.