About us

We are a group of scientists and engineers working at the intersection between robotics, control theory, machine learning, and game theory to design high performance, interactive autonomous systems. Our lab is based in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and is affiliated with Texas Robotics, the Center for Autonomy, and the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences.


Some of our lab’s core research interests are:


Our lab aims to make a positive impact beyond research. We participate in a broad program of academic outreach organized through the Center for Autonomy, run hands-on events for local high school students, and mentor interested high school and undergraduate students.

Lab members

Our group started in August 2021. Visit our people page for profiles of lab members.


Visit the Q&A page to learn more about what research is like in our lab.

Prospective students

If you are a prospective graduate student, please feel free to reach out to David by email to express your interest. In your note, please identify one recent publication from the lab that you find interesting, and explain the technical nugget you found most exciting. Please also mention your favorite math class and the most exciting topic you learned in that class.

If you are an undergraduate (or high school) student who is interested in doing research in the lab, e.g. for a summer internship, please first reach out to students or postdocs in the lab and try to identify a potential mentor. Once you have identified a potential mentor, please email David and cc that mentor.